Kerb Appeal

Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is what you see when you first arrive at your home. This will be the first impression
people have of where you live. To really make things pop, you want something that matches your
unique style, while complementing the rest of your decor.

Many homeowners look to boost their kerb appeal when it’s time to sell, and it’s no mystery why.
It literally helps you sell a house faster and for more money! Picture kerb appeal as your home’s
thumbnail. Buyers are scrolling through hundreds of online listings, so it takes something with real
wow factor to stand out. That being said, you shouldn’t just do up your home when it’s time to
sell. You live there after all! Why not make it something you’re proud of?

Get Rid of Eyesores

It doesn’t matter how great your house is. If you have a giant mess in your front garden, that’s the
first thing people will see. One of the best things you can do to improve your kerb appeal is simply
to get rid of all eyesores. If you have rubbish out, take it to the tip. Tidy up any clutter and find a
place to keep it. Mount your garden hose to the wall or put it in storage. Got any unsightly trees or
shrubs? Now’s the time to unearth them!


Keeping your house clean isn’t just hygienic. It also keeps things looking great! Get the rake out
and tidy up any rogue leaves littering your lawn. Check your gutters. If they’re full of leaves or
have things growing in them, it’s only going to detract from the look of your home.
Pressure washing slabs, brickwork and tarmac will breathe new life into your abode. After years of
use, you’ll be surprised how much dirt can build up. Give everything a good spray down to have it
looking brand new!

Refresh Your Paintwork

A lick of paint will give your home a fresh new look. What you paint is up to you, but try and
consider how it will match what already exists.

An excellent first step is to paint the front door. It’s one of the easiest ways to reinvigorate your
kerb appeal. If you’re feeling more ambitious, consider painting your brickwork for a completely
updated style. Windowsills and gutters are also worth painting which are fantastic for tying your
project together.


Create your own corner of paradise with landscaping. Not only will this give you a space to enjoy,
but it will look great from the outside, too. Let your imagination run wild as you populate your front
garden with a variety of new trees, shrubs and flowers. Pay close attention to your grass. Avoid
patchy grass by seeding any bald patches. While you’re at it, remove any weeds.

Add The Finishing Touches

Bring your project together by adding all the trimmings. Exterior lights, such as lamps, make great
ornaments while adding stunning after-dark illumination to your home. Decorate your
entranceway with flowers in ornamental vases, or implement hanging baskets. Lay down a
welcome mat for a friendly look. A bit of outdoor furniture such as a bench can go a long way, too.


Kerb appeal is something attainable to all. It just takes a bit of work and a healthy dose of
inspiration to get there. Rejuvenate your home by taking the time to fix up the front.

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