Loft Conversions

Loft conversions can be an amazing new addition to your property, opening up a new space to be enjoyed by family and friends for the years to come. While you might be excited to pull out the drawing board and get to work on your loft conversion, for many people, figuring out where exactly to start can be a cause for confusion. It’s also important to be clued up on all the necessary rules and regulations, detailing what you can and can’t do when it comes to converting your loft space. Regulations such as whether or not you will need planning permission for your project and what materials you will be able to use all need to be taken into consideration.

There is no need to let the rule book get in the way of creating your dream loft conversion. There are so many great benefits to going through with your project, it can be hard to find a reason not to.

The additional living space is what draws most people into installing a loft conversion in their home. A family’s needs are likely to change as time goes on and your home needs to keep up with this. Families can grow as children enter your life and you can quickly find that your living space has become cramped. Your guests are probably fed up with sleeping in the living room or maybe you want to convert your loft into a gym and have a place to work out from home. A loft conversion is a convenient solution to all of these problems as they provide a functional living space without the need to move houses. The additional space can make a property feel less cramped, and provide more breathing room to relax in.

A huge benefit to installing a loft conversion is that you get to plan the added space for your family’s specific needs and make your home unique. By designing a new space for a specific purpose you have in mind, and having it built to your exact specifications, you can create a room that is functional for you.

A loft conversion can be amazing for your finances too. By increasing the liveable square footage of your property you also increase its market value, meaning whatever work you decide to do is an investment, essentially future-proofing it.

While they may be fantastic, building a loft conversion isn’t something that comes cheap. You will need to invest tens of thousands of pounds into this project and so you need to get it done right. There can be plenty of risks you will need to watch out for that could potentially lengthen construction time, drive up costs or even cancel the project altogether. Luckily for you, we have compiled a handy checklist highlighting all of the issues you could run into. Make sure to follow our checklist to avoid encountering problems down the line and to make sure your new loft conversion build goes as smoothly as possible.

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