Side Return Extension

Making improvements to your property is a great way to increase the value that you are getting out of the living areas in your home. For many people, installing an extension to their property is a convenient way to provide more breathing room, add functionality and keep up with a family’s needs as they change over time. For those of us with limited space, however, certain types of extensions will not be viable because they are just too big or could take over your garden space. This is where side return extensions come in.

Side return extensions expand your property into the alleyway at the side of your house and are typically built when the property doesn’t have a large garden or when a rear extension isn’t an option. Side return extensions are great additions to period properties with limited space and are growing in popularity in London due to their cost-effectiveness and short turnarounds compared with other types of extension. Side return extensions are especially convenient in inner-city properties, where private garden space comes at a premium.

In general, side return extensions are installed to increase the space in your kitchen or kitchen-diner. Installing one provides your family with an opportunity to completely transform your indoor space. For example, utilising skylights to beam natural light directly into your kitchen or selecting specific materials to create a luxury dining experience in your home.

Installing a side return extension on your property can save you a bit of money too. Moving houses, especially within busy cities such as London or Manchester, can seriously break the bank. Instead of moving across the city to a new property that suits your needs, you could improve the property that you are already living in. For many homeowners, installing an extension on their property works out a lot cheaper than making the move across town.

Building a side return extension can not only save you money, but it can help generate some money for you too. By increasing the liveable space in your property you are increasing its value. This means that whatever work you decide to go ahead with on your property is an investment into the future that you are likely to see returns on. This makes them great value for money compared to other types of extension.

While they may be fantastic, building a side return extension isn’t something that comes cheap. You will need to invest tens of thousands of pounds into this project and so you need to get it done right. There can be plenty of risks you will need to watch out for that could potentially lengthen construction time, drive up costs or even cancel the project altogether. Luckily for you, we have compiled a handy checklist highlighting all of the issues you could run into. Make sure to follow our checklist to avoid encountering problems down the line and to make sure your new side return extension build goes as smoothly as possible.

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